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DataFlows belong to a different PowerBI tenant than the one I am signed into

Hi There,

This is a slightly unusual issue, as to start with, you have to have to be a member of at least two different PowerBI tenents for it to happen. In my case, I am a member of over a dozen power BI tenants, so this has happened on a few occasions.

What happens is that you are planning on doing some work on a particular tenant and so you sign out of one tenant, and into the next tenant. You then try to get data from a PowerBI Dataflow, and you see the data flow of a completely different tenant.

In my case, when I try to get data from a Data Flow, I see the following screen. I know that these flows belong to a different Tenant.

I check what tenant I am signed into and I see that I am signed into my correct tenant

To resolve this, you need to sign out of your DataFlows connection. On the PowerBI Home ribbon, select Data Source Settings.

On the next screen, switch to Global Permissions and search for PowerBI dataflows. Click on it and then click Clear Permissions, and press Delete on the next form.

Now when you go to get data from PowerBI dataflows, you will be prompted to sign in.

And now, of course, you can sign in with the appropriate account and see your dataflows.

I hope this helps someone.



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