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How to find my Raspberry PI on my network!

Hi All,

Disclaimer, this blog post is mostly written so that I can reference it again. It is a bit out of the left field and not my core area of blogging. However, maybe someone else will need it!

Anyway, I have a headless Raspberry Pi on my home network that does a few things. It is directly plugged into my router in a really awkward place to get to, so I just remote desktop into it when needed. (Yep, I don't SSH to it). This works fine, except when a reboot or power cut happens and it comes up under a different IP. Yes, I could give it a fixed IP address, but as I mentioned, networks and related services are not my core area. When this happens, I need to find the new IP, and unfortunately, when I check my router IP address table, most devices are listed as unknown. Enter nmap! Nmap is a free network mapping software. The steps go as follows!

2) Once installed run the following command via the command text box. (My home network uses range, so use your network range, with a * in the 4th IP block)

nmap -sn 192.168.1.*

3) Wait about 30 seconds and marvel at just how easy that was! (See all the hosts below)

4) Get paranoid about how much damage someone who actually knew what they were doing could do!

That's all for this one. This really is for my benefit, but who knows who might find this useful.

Thanks all.


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