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Introducing DataSmart and me.

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

So this feels awkward. I have been saying that I should blog for years and have in the past made a couple of attempts, but nothing regular. So, I go again... my first blog post so to speak.

Who am I? I am Mark, owner of DataSmart and have worked in IT since 1996. Most of that time has been spent working with SQL server, so I like to call it 20 years of experience with Data.

Who is DataSmart? Truthfully, for the past 8 years, DataSmart has been me, working independently with some great clients on their data projects. Now DataSmart is me and a few others working with some great clients on their data projects. We like to work with data, we like to be smart about it, so hence the name.

So why blog? Over the past few years, I have got significantly more involved in the Irish SQL server community. I have started speaking at meetups and tech conferences. I have organised meetups and conferences, so this time, blogging feels like a more natural fit.

What to expect? I am hoping to blog about data and how to work with it. Not all content will be technical based, some will be downright basic, more will be more in-depth. It won't be weekly, but I will do my best.

Stay tuned.


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