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#Brexit on Twitter

Hi All,

As a side effect of my "Reboot your Analytics" user group talk, I have been building up a data set of tweets with #Brexit in them. In my talk, it serves as an interesting example of how you can use Power Automate to capture a twitter feed and save to a SQL Server DB. However, as I have been capturing #Brexit data since the 13th Oct 2019, I have now built up a reasonable set of tweets on the subject. I thought it would be interesting to build a PowerBI report on top of it. Irrespective of your thoughts about Brexit, I think this is a simple example of how collecting data can be used in many ways. Imagine if this was a company capturing their own brand hashtags and overlaying that with data about its sales, product launches, announcements, weather, seasons, etc. What type of additional insight would they gain for very little effort? My report is here. Have a look and see what you think.

Building this in PowerAutomate is very straight forward, however it does now require you to use a Premium connector to save the results to SQL Server. You can also achieve the same via Logic Apps in a pay per use model. My flow looks like;

You use the built-in twitter connector with it Search text set to #Brexit. When the source triggers, the tweet text is passed to Azure Cognitive Services which runs sentiment analysis on the tweet and passes back a score between 0 and 1. All of the data + the score is then saved to an SQL DB. Simple, and maybe worth a quick blog post in the future on how to build in Logic Apps.

Talk again soon.


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